Private Program for Chronic or Severe Health Issues

Triple Your Vitality™ Program

My Triple Your Vitality™ Program is specifically designed for health challenges.

If you’re struggling with health issues, then this is the program for you.

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Private Sessions

Single 20min

$250 USD

*(To be completed within 8 days of purchase)
**(All Sales are final)

Please, note that this is not an Energy Work Session!

Single 25min Energy Work
for Previous Clients

$250 USD

*(To be completed within 8 days of purchase)
**(All Sales are final)

Single Energy Work Sessions are available for previous clients.

If you are a previous client and you're interested in a single session, please email us at

Quantum Boost Program

With the Quantum Boost Program you will experience immediate shifts, improvements and long lasting results in the following areas:

  • Emotional Challenges
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Self-esteem Issues
  • Personal Development
  • Relationship Challenges (Family, Friends, Coworkers, Etc.)
  • Fitness / Athletic Performance
  • Other (Please email)

Quantum Boost Program

Three, 25min Skype/Phone Sessions
with Chaim Alexander

$599 USD

*(To be completed within 1 month)
**(All sales are final)

Cancellation policy: A cancellation less than 3 business days prior to the scheduled appointment is charged as a full session.
Lateness policy: If you are m​​​​​ore than 10 minutes late for a scheduled session, it is considered a no-show and is charged the full rate of the session.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER & AGREEMENT: All Thrive To Infinity™, Alexander Wellness, LLC programs are not used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or psychological disorder. The Events and Programs are not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment. Your attendance at or participation in the programs does not replace the services of any health care providers or professionals. You agree to consult with your health care providers for any of your medical, physical or psychological problems or issues. You understand and agree that any information you receive at these programs is not a recommendation that you stop or otherwise alter seeing any of your health care professionals or using any prescribed medication, without the consultation of your health care professional.

*Results May Vary