Discover The Secret To No Longer Suffering From Debilitating Symptoms As A Result Of Being An Empath/HSP... So You Can Share Your Gifts With Ease

Attention Holistic/Energy Practitioners:

Are you an Empath that is affected by other people's Energies, Feelings, Thoughts and Emotions?

Are You An Empath or Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) Who Is Suffering From Debilitating Symptoms?

Are You Wishing to be Free from feeling the Negative Energies and Symptoms from others?

Are You Looking For a Lasting Solution to Resolve Your Symptoms?

Are you an Energy Healer who is having a hard time resolving your own lingering health issues?

If you answered YES,

I’d like to invite you to my Invincible Empath™ Program so you can finally share your gifts, talents and services with the world without having to suffer any Symptoms, debilitating or otherwise.

Did you know that one of the biggest challenges that many Healers are struggling with is, that they suffer from debilitating symptoms when they do healings or interact with people?

Also, there are many Healers who are suffering from a health challenge and no matter what they do, who they see for help they are not able to resolve their health issue.

This has happened to me...

I suffered from many extreme debilitating symptoms...

If you do a search for symptoms to… 




Black Mold Poisoning, 

Autoimmune Encephalitis,

Extreme Panic Attacks,

Ascension Symptoms,

and HSP/Empath Symptoms

I had over 80% of all of them combined.

The worst symptom I experienced was... 

feeling like I'm going to die any second. This would go on for long periods at a time.

As a result of my persistence to finding a solution (which I spent over $250k within a 4 year period)

and for not accepting the status quo, 

even though many top Health Professionals, Healers, Spiritual Masters, etc. told me to...

I was able to resolve all the extreme debilitating symptoms I was experiencing.

It finally feels good to be in my own body and to be alive 🙂

Now I can show you, 

how you too can resolve your debilitating symptoms…

So you no longer have to suffer from debilitating symptoms as a result of being an Empath/HSP and finally feel comfortable in your body while using your Gifts and serving the world.

You see...

as a Healer, Energy/Light Worker your body becomes or is already highly sensitive.

And as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)... the solutions that work for non-HSPs does not work for HSPs.

This is one of the main reasons why many Healers have a hard time recovering back to normal and beyond, because they are implementing solutions that work well for non-HSPs but does not work well for HSPs.

You see... There are several reasons for why Healers experience debilitating symptoms when they do healings or interact with people, and why they struggle with health issues...

After discovering the reasons why and the solutions...

I've created a program called Invincible Empath™.

Here is what you will learn and discover in the Invincible Empath™ Program:

  • check
    Learn why Essential Oils, Stones, Salt Baths, etc. don't Resolve Your Debilitating Symptoms... and what will 
  • check
    Identify if your debilitating symptoms are purely a result of being an Empath/HSP or from other factors
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    Have a comprehensive understanding why the strategies that you have been implementing to resolve your debilitating symptoms are not working for you
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    Learn why Energy Healers experience health issues and what to do about it so it does not happen to you, and what to do if you're are currently struggling from a lingering health issue
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    Learn the 3-Stage Solution, so you no longer have to experience debilitating symptoms because of your Gifts and Extraordinary Abilities

Stage 1:

  • Repair, Regenerate and Re​​​​​buil​​​​d Your Foundation and Support Systems
  • Speed Up Your Recovery from any health issues you're suffering from
  • Have a clear understanding to why you're experiencing debilitating symptoms
  • Receive a Personalized Strategy and Program to finally resolving your debilitating symptoms

Stage 2:

  • Strengthen Your Foundation and Support Systems
  • Move into Vibrant Health
  • Learn How to take control of your gifts, feelings and sensitivities, so they no longer debilitate you

Stage 3:

  • Become an Invincible Empath

Teacher's Bio

Chaim Alexander is the Founder of Thrive To Infinity™, Founder of Thrive To Infinity™ Academy.

Chaim Alexander has also created the following programs:

Chaim Alexander is a Certified Serenity Holistic Therapist (ZhiNeng QiGong Therapy & Traditional Chinese Therapies) and a Teacher in Advance Qigong Science.  

He also has extensive training in Functional Fitness, Holistic Nutrition, Physiotherapy, Meditation, Tai Chi, Qigong Science, Siddha Science, Yuen Method® and many other Energetic Modalities.

And has been working with clients from around the world for over 20 years now.

As a Teacher and Mentor, my main focus is for you to experience results, and not to fill your mind up with a ton of Theories or Philosophies.

I will share with you Practical Applications that you can apply to Rapidly Experience Noticeable Internal and External Improvements.

There is no need/reason for you as a Healer, Energy/Light Worker to suffer as a result of assisting others to improve their lives.

I'm looking forward to guiding you,

Chaim Alexander, 
Founder of Thrive to Infinity
, Creator of Invincible Empath™

LEGAL DISCLAIMER & AGREEMENT: The Invincible Empath™ Programand any other Thrive To Infinity™, Alexander Wellness, LLC programs are not used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or psychological disorder. The Events and Programs are not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment. Your attendance at or participation in this Invincible Empath™ Program does not replace the services of any health care providers or professionals. You agree to consult with your health care providers for any of your medical, physical or psychological problems or issues. You understand and agree that any information you receive at this Program is not a recommendation that you stop or otherwise alter seeing any of your health care professionals or using any prescribed medication, without the consultation of your health care professional.

*Results May Vary